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Scientific Articles

Over one hundred scientific articles covering KROMATON‘s Fast Centrifugal Partition Chromatography equipment have been published. Below are two non-exhaustive lists of such articles.

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Countercurrent Chromatography: The Support-free Liquid Stationary Phase, Alain BERTHOD, 2002, 422p

Preparative Chromatography Techniques: Applications in Natural Product Isolation, Kurt HOSTETTMANN, Andrew MARSTON, Maryse HOSTETTMANN, 1998, 260p

Centrifugal Partition Chromatography, Alain P. FOUCAULT, 1995, 431p


Fractionation of cocoa procyanidins according to the degree of polymerization by centrifugal partition chromatography, Jan A.Glinski, Peter Kinkade, Vitold B. Glinski, Matthew H. Davey, Harvey Stanley, W. Jeff Hurst
ICNPR 2012 (New York)

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Efficient small volume hydrostatic countercurrent chromatography column, Alain BERTHOD, Nazim MEKAOUI, Jérémy MEUCCI, Karine Faure
HPLC 2012 (Anaheim), CCC 2012 (Hangzhou)

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Evaluation of Limonene as a possible “green” non-polar solvent for alkane replacement, Karine FAURE, Nazim MEKAOUI, Alain BERTHOD
CCC 2012(Hangzhou)

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Chromatographie à contre courant : nouvelles colonnes hydrostatiques performantes : les colonnes FCPC®, Alain BERTOD, Nazim MEKAOUI, Jean Luc MILESI, Jérémy MEUCCI, Francois de la POYPE, Roger MICHUD, Michel L’KHERBA
SEP 2011 (Toulouse)

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Large-scale purification of glucosinolates by strong ion-exchange centrifugal partition chromatography from lab-scale CPC to 5L-pilot-scale FCPC, TORIBIO, Leslie BOUDESOCQUE, Benoit PINEL, Michel LAFOSSE, Francois de la POYPE, Jean Marc NUZILLARD, jean Hugues RENAULT
CCC 2010 (Lyon)

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Application Notes

Application notes of Kromaton‘s laboratory:

Note title References
Evaluation of retention and pressure with different solvent systems on a Bench scale FCPC200 Application note 04001
Evaluation of efficiency and resolution according to flow-rate and rotation speed Application note 04002
Evaluation of efficiency and resolution according to flow-rate and rotation speed Application note 04003
New 50 ml rotor efficiency and fastness comparison with other FCPC roto Application note 04004
General fractionation of Hypericum perforatum extract on a Bench scale FCPC1000 Application note 04005
High purification of the peptide from the crude synthetic mixture on Bench scale FCPC200 Application note 04006
Binary fractionation of neoruscogenin and ruscogenin on Bench scale FCPC1000 Application note 04008
Piperine purification: injection capacity test on Analytical scale FCPC50 Application note 04009
Piperine purification: resolutions according to flow rate and rotation speed Application note 04010
Scale-up studies with alkyl benzene on 50, 200, and 5000 ml FCPC columns Application note 05012
Scale-up on peptide purification from Bench scale FCPC200 to pilot scale FCPC5000 Application note 06013
High purification of capsaicin from crude hot pepper extract on analytical FCPC50 Application note 06014
Spilanthol purification from Jambu extract on analytical FCPC50 Application note 06015

If you wish to access a note that is not available for download, feel free to contact us and we will send it to you shortly.