Peripheral System PURIFLASH

The new Puriflash system is perfectly adapted to Centrifugal Partition Chromatography technology requirements. It is fully automatized and its integrated software allows to easily create methodologies to work in routine.

Thanks to these technical features, the Puriflash is a preparative chromatography tool perfectly adapted to users, both for process development and routine purification:

  • Quaternary gradient pump : no need to prepare the two-phase system in separatory funnels. Time saving especially for HEMWat / Arizona quaternary solvent systems.
  • Maximum pressure: 250 bars, Maximum flow rate: 250ml/min, high pressure mixing chamber with variable volume
  • Adapted to all LC preparative techniques:CPC, CCC, HPLC prep, flash
  • Can be coupled to ELSD and MS 

Detecteur ELSD1 spectroètre de masse
ELSD Detector Mass Spectrometry